Rudolph Komorous Celebration Concert

Artistic Advisor: Cathy Fern Lewis
A Co-Presentation with the University of Victoria

8:00 pm, Thursday, December 8, 2016
Phillip T. Young Recital Hall
University of Victoria
B125, MacLaurin Building
Ring Road, Victoria, BC V8P 5C2



Documentary Premiere — John Bolton, producer and director

Olympia (1964)

Christopher Butterfield and Owen Underhill; melodica, bass harmonica, flexatone, acolyte bells, sleighbells, rachet, nightingale

Stone House (2016) World Premiere
poem by Fiona Sampson

Cathy Fern Lewis, voice; Mary Byrne, alto flute

Morning Glory (2007)

Owen Underhill, conductor; Mary Byrne, flute/alto flute; Heather Roche, clarinet/bass clarinet; Tzenka Dianova, piano; Carlie Graham, percussion; Tyson Doknjas, violin; Alasdair Money, cello

Lurid Bride (1999)

I. Morgan Le Fay (to Alison Cameron)
II. Solferino Bridle (to Christopher Butterfield)
III. Strange Coquetry (to Mark Ellestad)
IV. The Spitball (to David MacIntyre)
V. The Melancholy Sixte (to John Abram)
VI. The Aviatrix (to Martin Arnold)
VII. Rouged Ghost (to Jennifer McLaughlin)
VIII. The Biter Bit (to Patrick Carpenter)
IX. Ligature (to Stephen Parkinson)
X. Troppo Vero (to Owen Underhill)
XI. Tagasode (to Linda Catlin Smith)

Owen Underhill, conductor; Mary Byrne, flute / alto flute; Erin Marks, oboe; Heather Roche, clarinet / bass clarinet; Tzenka Dianova, piano; Carlie Graham, percussion; Tyson Doknjas, violin; Alasdair Money, cello; Alex Rempel, double bass