From The Vancouver Sun
By Kevin Griffin

Published Apr 11, 2021

A return to normal gatherings indoors could happen progressively through the fall with larger venues back to full capacity by the end of 2021, Henry told an arts roundtable organized by the B.C. Alliance for Arts + Culture. But it all depends not only on the success of vaccinations, but also on how SARS-CoV-2 responds to the start of the next respiratory season.

Traditionally, most theatre, dance and performing arts companies operate during the fall and winter months, and start to wind down their seasons by May. They also said they need at least three months’ notice to plan reopening performances.

Sean Bickerton, B.C. director of the Canadian Music Centre, said that before the pandemic the centre held regular performances of new music in the 45-seat Murray Adaskin Salon on Davie Street. Last March, it closed down live performances and went online with a new series called Unaccompanied, which featured one musician playing a piece for solo instrument.

“We’ve all learned to use digital tools and to communicate online,” he said. “But there’s no substitute for the intimacy of a shared experience — of being in a concert hall with people who are like-minded, that love the art form that you have a passion for, and to share that experience. “You don’t do that in the same way online.”