The Canadian Music Centre in BC and City Opera Vancouver today announced a new Jack Trip Virtual Studio headset rehearsal system now available for loan to performing arts groups in Greater Vancouver from the Canadian Music Centre’s downtown Vancouver Creative Hub.

The system includes forty (40) headsets linked via new audio technology, developed at Stanford University, that has solved the problem of lag, latency, and freezing in remote online rehearsals and performances.

“After booking an appointment at the CMC, eligible non-profits will be able to borrow the new Jack Trip / Virtual Studio audio kits. These kits come complete, each in a separate container. Every COVID safety protocol will be observed. User manuals have been beta-tested here for the last several months. The system works with a computer, high-speed internet, and within 500 miles of the nearest server. The nearest to us is in Seattle,” said the Canadian Music Centre’s B.C. Director, Sean Bickerton.

“As COVID continues, and restrictions remain in place, singers and players work to find safe ways to rehearse and perform. This new audio technology makes everything we do safer, and more practical. And the new Virtual Studio system is certainly affordable to borrowers,” said Trudy Chalmers, General Manager of City Opera, “available as it is free of charge.”

“We are grateful to the BC Arts Council, and the Province of British Columbia, for a generous grant underwriting the cost of acquiring and sharing this equipment. Stanford has provided the software without charge, but the hardware must be purchased,” Chalmers added.

The Virtual Studio will be housed by the Canadian Music Centre’s Vancouver Creative Hub at 837 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC, and is available by advance reservation only, effective immediately.

The library is co-managed by CMC BC and City Opera, and is part of a consortium that includes the Redshift Music Society, Sound The Alarm: Music Theatre, United Voices, Vancouver Academy of Music, and Vancouver Moving Theatre.

Heather Molloy, CMC
Trudy Chalmers, City Opera