The Victoria Conservatory of Music’s Composer collective, started by Stephen Brown, is back, sponsored by the Canadian Music Centre’s Victoria Creative Hub! The new iteration of the collective will be hosted by composer Christopher Reiche Boucher, CMC’s Victoria Engagement Leader.

Christopher is dedicated to maintaining Brown’s original concept for the collective as a place for all composers to share works in progress and as a safe space to talk about composition where all should feel free to share their work. Composers of all levels (students, emerging, established) are welcome.

All composers creating music in Victoria are invited and encouraged to to join and participate in conversations and share the projects they are currently working on. If you have nothing to share, not to worry! Come and hear about the current projects of other composers in Victoria.

When? Tuesday February 20th at 6pm to 7:30pm.

Where? Victoria Conservatory of Music, Room 203.

Are you a composer who would like to share your work? Contact CMC BC’s Christopher Reiche Boucher at  viccreativehub at gmail dot com