Congratulations to Vancouver-based composer Jin Zhang, who received a Heritage Music Award for music he wrote for the Movie “Lama in the West” at the AVIFF Awards Cannes 2018 in France. A good friend, Paloma, Spanish jewellery designer, received the award on behalf of Jin Zhang, and gave a short speech at the ceremony.      

The film “Lama in the West” was produced by Monastry Canada, Botoco Multimedia Inc. Canada, and Yuan Hong Culture Media Ltd. Beijing.

The story of the film is a western woman’s experience with Lama Pema at the Montastry in Richmond BC. Canada. By listening to the chanting of Medicine Buddha and chatting with Lama, she seeks answer to the big questions about life.

To prepare for composing the music, composer Jin Zhang conducted research and spent time studying in the temple, speaking with the Lama, seeing them perform, listening to their voices and instruments, and taking samples and acoustics.  

More than 200 hundred films and productions participated the film festival in AVIFF Awards Cannes 2018.