Dear Friends,

Like you, we believe the world needs Canadian culture more today than at any time in its past. We believe that young people deserve to learn how to express themselves and tell their own stories through music. And we believe in providing opportunities to support emerging composers; while championing those at the peak of their creative powers.

Composer Daniel Brandes (Co-founder of A Place To Listen) conducting a Composer In The Classroom seminar

But to continue this good work, we need your help! More than ever, for the simple reason we are doing more than we’ve ever done before:

• New Murray Adaskin Salon Concert Series
New Barbara Pentland Awards
• Completely renovated and reimagined Vancouver Creative Hub 
• Producing landmark documentaries featuring celebrated BC composers
• Recording Barbara Pentland’s opera The Lake
Beginning our Reconciliation project
• Launching the new Victoria Creative Hub & Rudolf Komorous Library
Composer In The Classroom now operating in three cities spring and fall
• 40th Anniversary — preserving our history
• New Website
Jean Coulthard String Quartet Readings
• Supporting St. James Music Academy with a Teaching Intern
• Expanded Digital Archive now with 20,000 artifacts capturing the history of Canadian music in BC

All of this in addition to our weekly Enews Centrepulse — the go-to listing of new music in BC; our public lending library of 24,000 scores; repertoire consultation services; specialized music print and bind service; and our thriving venue and CREATE Board room rentals.

Our small team is doing a lot. But we can’t do it all without your help. Please give what you can to support our efforts. Every donation helps!

• Call Dave McLaughlin toll-free at 1-844-416-8742 or 1-604-734-4622
• Or mail a cheque made out to “CMC BC” — 837 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1B7

Thank you! We greatly appreciate your support.

Sean Bickerton,
BC Director