is continuing its coverage of BC Legacy Composers in parallel with CMC BC’s Celebrating Our Legacy Concert Series. This month the ‘Go-to blog’ for classical music in Vancouver is featuring a new article: CELEBRATING THE WEST COAST COMPOSERS: ELLIOT WEISGARBER (1919-2001) by Flutist Karen Suzanne Smithson, who is Weisgarber’s daughter:

Throughout the latter decades of the 20th century, Vancouver was home to composer Elliot Weisgarber, best known for his pioneering work in the field of world music. His profound study of Japanese music in particular led to the foundation of the ethnomusicology program in the School of Music at the University of British Columbia in the late 1960s. This article celebrates his remarkable life, following on the concert of his music performed at the Canadian Music Centre in Vancouver in April 2017.

Previous articles include CELEBRATING THE WEST COAST COMPOSERS: JEAN COULTHARD (1908-2000) By David Gordon Duke (with critical notes by Geoffrey Newman).

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