CMC BC Inaugural Concert Series

Celebrating Our Legacy! October 2016 to May 2017

Elliot Weisgarber Celebration

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7:00pm • Friday, April 7, 2017 • Murray Adaskin Salon
Artistic Advisor: Karen Smithson


Documentary Premiere — John Bolton, producer and director

Empty Sky — Gene Ramsbottom, clarinet
Woodwind Quintet — Roderick Seed, flute; Tony Nickels, oboe; Gene Ramsbottom, clarinet; Gregory Cukrov, bassoon; Brian G’froerer, horn
Five Pieces for Bassoon and Piano — Gregory Cukrov, bassoon; Richard Epp, piano

2-Concert Package: $42.50

Sylvia Rickard Celebration

7:00pm • Friday, May 19, 2017 • Murray Adaskin Salon


Three Late Period Yeats Songs
Song for the Earth
Three Cabaret Songs
Buttercup Fields
Existo in Animo by Featured Emerging Composer Lynne Penhale

Documentary Film Festival Concert

7:00pm • Friday, May 26, 2017 • Murray Adaskin Salon


Five Films & Five Works For Piano Celebrating Five Legacy BC Composers

Murray Adaskin
Barbara Pentland
Rudolf Komorous
Jean Coulthard
Elliot Weisgarber

Previous Concerts

Murray Adaskin

Murray Adaskin Celebration SOLD OUT

7:00pm • Friday, October 14, 2016
Artistic Advisor: Rodney Sharman


Documentary Premiere — John Bolton, producer and director

The Prairie Lily — Jessica Tovey, soprano; Chiharu Iinuma, piano
Sonatine Baroque — Jessica Tovey, violin
Autumn Song from the opera Grant, Warden of the Plains — Cathy Fern Lewis, soprano; Gwen Seaton, bassoon
Divertimento No. 3 — Joan Blackman, violin; Nick Anderson, horn; Gwen Seaton, bassoon
Daydreams for 2 violins — Jessica Tovey and Joan Blackman, violins

Barbara Pentland

Barbara Pentland Celebration SOLD OUT

7:00pm • Friday, November 18, 2016
Artistic Advisor: Barbara Pritchard


Documentary Premiere — John Bolton, producer and director

Five Preludes (1938) — Jane Hayes, solo piano
Puppet Show (1964) — Jane Hayes and Barbara Pritchard, piano duo
Let the Harp Speak (1964) — Janice Isabel Jackson, voice; Barbara Pritchard, piano
Ice Age (1986) — Janice Isabel Jackson, voice; Barbara Pritchard, piano
Commenta (1984) — Albertina Chan, harp
Sonatine (1954) — Mark McGregor, flute
Trance (1978) — Mark McGregor, flute; Albertina Chan, harp

Barbara Pentland

Rudolph Komorous Celebration Concert

8:00pm • Thursday, December 8, 2016
Artistic Advisor: Cathy Fern Lewis
A Co-Presentation with the University of Victoria • Phillip T. Young Recital Hall


Documentary Premiere — John Bolton, producer and director

Olympia (1964) — Christopher Butterfield and Owen Underhill; melodica, bass harmonica, flexatone, acolyte bells, sleighbells, rachet, nightingale
Stone House (2016) World Premiere, poem by Fiona Sampson — Cathy Fern Lewis, voice; Mary Byrne, alto flute
Morning Glory (2007) — Owen Underhill, conductor; Mary Byrne, flute/alto flute; Heather Roche, clarinet/bass clarinet; Tzenka Dianova, piano; Carlie Graham, percussion; Tyson Doknjas, violin; Alasdair Money, cello
Lurid Bride (1999) — Owen Underhill, conductor; Mary Byrne, flute / alto flute; Erin Marks, oboe; Heather Roche, clarinet / bass clarinet; Tzenka Dianova, piano; Carlie Graham, percussion; Tyson Doknjas, violin; Alasdair Money, cello; Alex Rempel, double bass

Jean Coulthard

Jean Coulthard Celebration SOLD OUT

7:00pm • Friday, February 10, 2017 • Murray Adaskin Salon
Artistic Advisor: David Gordon Duke
Featuring the Koerner Piano Trio


Documentary Premiere — John Bolton, producer and director

Spring Rhapsody — Robyn Driedger-Klassen, soprano; Terence Dawson, piano
Cello Sonata — Joseph Elworthy, cello; Amanda Chan, piano
Piano Sonata no. 2 — Rachel Iwaasa, piano
Lyric Trio — Koerner Piano Trio
The Bird of Dawning — Nicholas Wright, violin; Amanda Chan, piano

Film Festival

CMC BC Gala Fundraiser Concert

7:00pm • Wednesday, March 8, 2017 • Murray Adaskin Salon


César Franck: Sonata in A Major for Violin and Piano
Murray Adaskin: Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano
Barbara Pentland: Arioso from Arioso and Rondo for orchestra (transcription for violin and piano by Barbara Pentland dedicated to Harry and Frances Adaskin).
Hector Gratton: Chanson et Danse, Op. 9, No. 1 & 2, for violin and piano


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